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Overcoming  Adversity 
Author of Vision Mindset Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You

Scott Burrows was a star athlete and fierce competitor. By the age of 19, he played college football at Florida State University as a wide receiver under Coach Bobby Bowden and was a top-ranked kick-boxing Black Belt champion whose last fight was broadcast by ESPN. 
During the height of Scott’s collegiate career, his life changed dramatically and abruptly on November 3rd, 1984. He survived a horrific car crash, suffering a serious spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic. Despite his grim diagnosis, Scott refused to be sidelined. After six months of intense physical therapy, Scott astonished everyone, including his doctors, by turning an impossible goal of standing again into a reality. 

Scott enrolled back into college and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the University of South Florida. After graduation, he entered the insurance and financial industry as a financial advisor. In his 5th year, he qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, a 100% commission-driven award that less than 8% of his peers from all companies around the world qualify for yearly. At the pinnacle of that career, Scott decided to make a change and partner with his brother Mark as a venture capitalist. Together, they formed an international golf course development company, doing business in Southeast Asia. That company still thrives today. 

Today, as a motivational keynote speaker and bestselling author, Scott has presented to organizations, associations and Fortune 500 companies and has been invited to kick off corporate conferences in Australia, India, Spain, Bermuda, Mexico, the Czech Republic and Canada.


VISION-MINDSET-GRIT Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge

The true measure of success is how well you respond to change, self-doubt, setbacks and fear. Whatever belief system you employ must be powerful enough to conquer these obstacles and any other impediments to your personal and professional growth, or you—and your organization—will be left behind. As audiences worldwide have discovered, Scott Burrows’ compelling story is the hero’s journey, providing what will be an unforgettable and lasting memory to inspire your audience to stand up to any challenge. Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott reveals how to drive results using the same mental focus that helped him reinvent his life after his catastrophic accident. As a powerful storyteller, he will show you firsthand how to apply the same timeless principles of VISION, MINDSET & GRIT that have had a profound impact in his life. Three simple yet powerful words that, when put into action, can absolutely change the direction of both your personal and professional life, setting the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and leadership strategies that will benefit your entire company.



* Learn how to create a clear Vision that entices you to Take Action

* Examine the benefits of Dreaming in Full Color

* Discover the impact of connecting your organization to a Shared Vision

* Find out how Visualization can give you that Competitive Advantage



* Learn how to create an unstoppable Mindset that revolves around Poise and Execution

* Examine the Mindset of Letting It Happen and Breaking the Fall Line

* Discover how to not let your Mindset Become Your Biggest Handicap

* Understand how the Power of Forgiveness, a leadership trait can restore hope and lead to greater productivity

* Find out how asking the “What” Questions can help you navigate the chaos of adversity



* Learn what it takes to Stretch Yourself beyond your paralyzed state

* Examine why your Willingness to Fail But Your Unwillingness to Quit is a leadership trait

* Discover Gritty strategies to help you Stand Up to Any Challenge

* Understand what it really means to Go with What Scares You and Never Give Up

* Cultivate ways to Unlock your Grit by finding that Blessman in your life


“A powerful delivery! His message touched everyone. He made us laugh. He brought us to tears. He had us on our feet. Scott inspired our group as no other professional speaker has done in a long, long time. From the moment he appears on stage to the end when he leaves you feeling that you can overcome any obstacle in life to be a better person in your personal and professional lives, Scott speaks from his heart and soul. The words are simple and straightforward, but they will touch anyone who listens and absorbs what he has to say about what it means to be successful in life, no matter the setbacks that are thrown your way. His presentation is suited for anyone who wants to be a better all-around person and more productive professional. Scott will provide newfound energy to succeed no matter what the occupation or calling in one’s life and work.”

-– Thomas J. Judge, President, FASFAA

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