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Connecting audiences and speakers
to create events that motivate, inspire and captivate
Abstract Conference Auditorium

Whatever your event, whatever your industry, whatever your budget - there is a fabulous speaker or entertainer who will reflect your theme and enhance your event’s message, transforming your event into an inspiring, fun and memorable experience. 

It is JMA’s mission to provide personalized, unique bookings from tested, professional talent by listening to you and asking the right questions to really get to the heart of your needs.  We know talent and because we are not limited by pitching specific speakers, we can draw on our vast network to match your event to the speaker who will make it truly something special. We are known for finding cutting-edge speakers before they become household names.

Founder John Mead began his career on the event planning side and he understands intimately the obstacles planners face.  At JMA, we draw on this experience to make the process of connecting, planning and contracting smooth and painless, taking you from initial concept to game day.  Personalized service is the hallmark of our business.   

Whether you are looking for

  • An outstanding motivational speaker to rally the troops

  • A celebrity to mingle at your event

  • A sports figure to play golf with

  • An author for a book-signing

  • A corporate trainer for sales events

  • A band with broad appeal to get the energy up and get people excited


JMA can make it happen

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