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Author of How to Soar like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys
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Robert Stevenson is an expert at building a high-performance culture, improving efficiency, and accelerating growth. He is one of the most widely sought-after speakers in the world today, as well as a best-selling author. Robert was recently ranked #4 in the world by “LinkedIn Thinkers 360” as a Change Management Thought Leader & Influencer. He has owned five companies, sold internationally in over 20 countries, along with holding positions from Salesman to Chief Executive Officer.


Robert has spoken to over 2,500 companies throughout the world and his research in the area of corporate and entrepreneurial success is extensive. Over 2 million people have benefitted from his powerful, practical, compelling and thought-provoking programs. He has interviewed over 10,000 employees, managers, and senior executives in over 250 industries. He calls upon his knowledge of what he has learned from some of the most innovative, resourceful, and powerful companies in the world, along with what he learned running his own companies and shares this wisdom with his audiences. He is a true master at blending facts, inspiration, conviction, and humor into all his programs.


His lectures are designed to prepare companies for the 21st century. With a powerful blend of experience, research, case studies, and competitor perspectives, Robert’s original insights help organizations, business leaders, and associates understand how to unleash their future potential. With over 30 years of extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he teaches companies and people how to deal with risk, competition, and the ever-changing business environment.


Mr. Stevenson’s client list reads like a Who’s Who in business. Companies like FedEx, Prudential, Lockheed Martin, Carrier, Anheuser-Busch, Chevron, American Express, and Berkshire Hathaway continue to rely on him for a fresh, unique perspective on businesses’ most crucial issues.



* How to Avoid Business Distruptors
One of the greatest strategic advantages a company can have is the ability to avoid business disruptors. The sources for business disruption are everywhere. Situational imposed business disruptors would include recessions, poor hiring practices, lack of technology, strong competition, new government regulations, changing consumer trends, or data breaches, to name a few On top of the situational imposed business disruptors, are the self-imposed disruptions caused by poor leadership, lack of knowledge or data, arrogance, laziness, poor research, assumptions, disregarding
trends, foolish judgement, bad employees and poor customer service

The average life expectancy of a multinational corporation Fortune 500 or its equivalent is only 40 years. Over 420 U S companies with assets of more than 500 million have filed for bankruptcy since 1981 and over 74 of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1980 are no longer on the list Business disruptions can be devastating but they don’t have to be. Mr Stevenson’s program is designed to help business leaders and employees understand where business disruptions come from and how to deal with, and when possible, avoid them

* If You Don’t Like Change You Are Going To Hate Extinction

"When you're finished changing, you're finished."
Benjamin Franklin


Change is a constant. You can either choose to embrace it or watch as your business disintegrates right before your eyes. Everyone is standing on shaky ground. Today's King of the Mountain could be tomorrow's case study on failure Kmart, IBM, and American Express have all found out the power of change, from a position of power to a fight for survival Radio Shack, Kodak, Circuit City, and Blockbuster, all went bankrupt and ultimate
reason for their demise was change.

When a company increases the value offered to a customer by improving the product, enhancing service, offering better technology or increasing efficiencies, the competition must follow. The customer wants it better they want it easier to use they want it cheaper they want it now. Even now, in today's tenuous economy, it is the customer who is driving the ship. No matter what else is happening, it is the customer who is choosing
when and where to spend their money This program explores change the successes, the failures, the reasons behind both and how to capitalize on the opportunities that are created because of change.

* Becoming Indispensable

"There is only one boss, the customer, and they can fire everybody in the company... from the Chairman on down .. simply by spending their money somewhere else."

Sam Walton

This program deals with the premise that if you are going to survive in this ever changing, highly competitive business environment, you are going to have to make your company indispensable in the eyes of your customer being adequate is unacceptable


By exploring not only in the initial sell, but also addressing how to improve repeat and referral business, this program will provide concrete examples of ways to improve your selling and service techniques. The program has been designed for anyone who has customer contact, from Executives, Managers, and Supervisors to Hourly Personnel. Mr Stevenson will be addressing the KEY drivers that cause customers to not only want to come back, but to also tell others about your great company


--“Robert Stevenson's presentation was absolutely amazing and nothing short of inspiring. We have had many speakers, but never any
like Robert … they loved him and want more!”


-- Fed Ex

“You hit home on all fronts:  service, stress, team building, dealing with change, communication, and leadership. I thank you for a truly inspiring and rewarding experience. The best part of all, you made me a hero.”


-- American Express

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